5 Tips for Dealing With Lost Luggage

“I love flying. I’ve been to almost as many places as my luggage” – Bob Hope

Going on holiday is probably the most exciting things in life, but there is one thing that can throw a huge spanner in the works and ruin all plans before you can even order a croissant and say bonjour! You’ve landed in Paris, but unfortunately your luggage had not. Sacre Bleu! It’s easy for tempers to flare. First and foremost, you’ve got to keep a level head and remember these key things:

Get Insured

If your luggage is delayed, most insurers will pay you for any clothes and expenses you purchase before your bags turn up. But as Travel Insurance points out, limits apply – so leave those Prada boots at home and don’t think you can just pop in to Chanel for a few things either.

It’s worth checking whether lost or stolen items that were checked into the hold of any transport carrier (plane, bus or train) are covered. Sometimes it will be the transport carriers’ responsibility that your luggage is delivered safely to you. Know who you’re supposed to contact if your luggage gets lost.

Keep Calm (And Maybe Carry On Next Time)

There’s little point winding yourself up, and shouting at airline staff who have no control over where your luggage is. Everyone understands it’s a stressful thing to happen, but they’re more likely to help you if you’re polite and calm.

Explain the situation to them clearly, including where you’ve flown from and how long you’ve been waiting for your luggage, and hopefully they’ll be able to give you more details. As Business Insider says, most lost bags are only delayed. Airlines have increasingly sophisticated systems of tracking them down – chances are, your bags simply got loaded onto the wrong flight.

Borrow Essentials

If you have to wait for your luggage to arrive, or the airline confirms it’s well and truly lost, you can easily borrow stuff from the hotel or your friends. During stressful times like this, staff and travel buddies tend to excel. Borrowing essentials solves the short-term problem.

Store VIP Items in Your Hand Luggage

Hopefully though, you’ve packed well and won’t have lost anything too important. According to the Independent Traveler, all valuables should be in your carry-on bags. Cameras, computers, medication, wallets, heirlooms, jewellery, passports and essential travel documents should never be in your checked baggage. Don’t pack anything you’re not willing to lose and a spare pair of underwear in your carry on never hurts.

Keep Your Belongings Safe When They’re With You

When travelling, use your common sense. Keep your luggage in sight when possible and make use of locked compartments – for example, if your hotel room has a safe, store your valuables in it. If you have to take something out for the day, only leave it with people you trust.

Whilst you can’t guarantee a transport carrier won’t lose your stuff, you can do everything in your power to keep it safe while it’s with you.

How do you minimise the risks of losing your luggage? Share your tips below.



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