Checking In: Clift Hotel, San Francisco

There is something to be said about walking into a hotel and saying to yourself “we aren’t in Kansas anymore”. In this case though it’s more like “I think I fell down the rabbit hole”.

The Clift Hotel in San Francisco was the perfect closing ceremony on a 12-day road trip up Highway 1. After hours spent sitting a car, a couple nights in last minute hotels and one night ‘camping’ in a tent without bedding, I was ready to rest my weary head and aching back in to the comfort of the Clift’s comfy beds, soothed by the visually pleasing lavender room décor.

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The first thing you notice when you come into the Clift, is its grandeur, and I’m not just talking about the oversized chair in the middle of the room.  The dark wood and bronze fireplace is just so sexy it almost makes you forget that you are standing in the middle of a lobby. Designed by world-renowned designer Philippe Starck, the space itself is a museum, boasting a collection many would envy, which includes Starck’s very own Big Arm Chair.

Themes run strong at this hotel, with the legendary Redwood Room and a living room designed by Ralph Lauren. I just felt classy walking through.


As I made my way to my room on the 4th floor, I wondered if I had caught an elevator to another hotel in some kind of Alice in Wonderland twist. Transitioning from dark sexy woods to calming lavender walls, the hotel floors and rooms are made to feel inviting and soothing.  And make no mistake they are.

With various size rooms and suites, even the standard king size is spacious and inviting. It was practically a 1-bedroom apartment that made my New York shoebox seem more like matchbox. Oh California and all your space. There was even a couch, TV and workspace.


The Clift is located on Geary Street right in Union Square, which I have to say is dramatically different to the luxury hotel. The area is quite rundown and populated by riffraff on the weekend, but it is great for public transport to get most places in the city and of course shopping.  We jumped on a cable car at the end of the street all the way down to Fisherman’s Wharf, because, well its SF.

Before leaving this luxury boutique, I highly recommend a drink in the Redwood Room. It’s elegance and glamour with a splash of seduction. And keep an eye on the digital art plasmas; they are interactive.


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