Date a Girl Who Travels

Photo Credit: Murad Osmann

Photo Credit: Murad Osmann

There is an article doing the rounds online at the moment called “Don’t date a girl who travels”. The writer discusses the perils of well…dating a girl who travels.

Without going too much into it, I understand her article is satirical, but many people do look at those qualities of female travellers and believe them to be negative. I am simply showing how the wonder of travel can influence our day to day life rather than always lead us to wanting more. (This is also inspired by Rosemarie Urquico’s Date a Girl who Reads)

This is my reply…

Date a girl who travels

She is the one with the sun kissed skin and lightly scattered freckles. A sense of wellness radiates around her, paired with plump healthy skin and a twinkle in her eye.

Date a girl who travels. She is less materialistic. She doesn’t dote on possessions but rather treasured experiences. Expensive presents are unnecessary, rather give her photographs she can have with her at all times. She can see those that live with less, recognize the small fortunes of happiness.

Date a girl who travels for somewhere is always home. She values her time there and relishes hearing about normalcy even if it’s not long before her feet start to itch again. She is proud of her hometown for it is a new city for someone else to explore.

Date a girl who travels. She is the hardest workingwoman you will know. She will most likely hold down 2 or 3 jobs to fund her adventures. Not to mention an entrepreneur turning her travels into an income source. She is smart and knows that these days many employers find international travel favorable in future candidates.

Date a girl who travels for you will always be pleasantly surprised.  She navigates unknown cities with a great sense of direction but also enjoys the spontaneity of getting lost.

Date a girl who travels. After many missed flights, wrong turns, delays, bad street food and bad restrooms to deposit said food, she is easy going and adaptable. She is prepared for bumps in the road literally and metaphorically. Life throws curve balls and she smacks them right out of the park

Date a girl who travels because she is supportive and understanding. She is conscious you may not ever be as travel orientated as her but she will always be fun, take what life has to offer and help you do the same. As a bonus she will put up with snoring and farting because she has shared a 20 bunk hostel room.

Date a girl who travels as she engages with worldly company learning the history, culture and behaviors of societies, which is sure to impress the parents. She is used to befriending strangers, thriving at conversation. She will always be open to meeting new people and impress at your work social engagements.

Date a girl who travels. She is independent, smart and strong. She will always be self-sufficient; never needy. She doesn’t believe in stage five clingers. She knows the rewards of good budgets and saving her money. She learns the ins and outs of how people live and has the kind of street smarts that will spot the sketchy looking guy a mile away before he pulls a “distract and go” scam.

Next time join her. Travel bonds you.


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  1. January 30, 2014 / 4:40 am

    Brilliant … I too was irked by the other article. This is MUCH more accurate! Not everyone has a wandering soul, so don’t judge what you don’t understand, cherish it for what it is … something that makes us different =)

    • peter
      April 14, 2015 / 5:53 pm

      I do not take the artical as satirical at all. I think you and the original article say the same thing but you missed the last line.
      I took it as an advisory to those men who may be intriqued by a “travelling” young woman and her interesting self and yet seem to want to “tame” the things they are attracted to in the first place.
      My wife and I took my daughters to far away places when they were very young. One is a constant traveller and the other a homebody. Both do excellent in regards to the scale of our western social barometers.
      My travelling daughter just got back from a destination to find that her partner of 8 years could not take her independence any longer although she had introduced him to many far flung corners of this planet. He wanted to have a stay at home wife and she can never be that. I believe that they are fortunate to not have children as I am sure that he would not be comfortable with the life she was raised into.
      I think the article was an anthem to independence and the female spirit of adventure.
      It was just a warning to not try and tame, not a satire at all.
      dad of an independent travelling daughter.

  2. James Rowland
    January 30, 2014 / 7:19 am

    Spot on Steph. The other article was total crap. I dated while I was travelling. Girls that travel and take some real joy out of life are by far superior.

    • stephabroad
      January 31, 2014 / 12:55 pm

      Thanks James…funny to see everyones reactions to it!!

      • Antony
        February 6, 2014 / 3:04 pm

        Love the article!!! I am a traveler and what you said is so true, reminded me of good times on the road with some amazing people..! Keep traveling and enjoy life..

    • Barney
      February 3, 2014 / 10:39 am

      Ha, I read that as if you meant sucking the joy out of life.

    • Mariam
      February 3, 2014 / 9:05 pm

      I agree ^^

  3. Grant
    January 30, 2014 / 11:33 am

    Or they have rich parents that allows them to travel

    • Guest
      January 31, 2014 / 10:14 pm

      Or they are financially independent and find ways to work while traveling, like myself.

      • rachel
        February 2, 2014 / 12:30 am

        I wish there was a like button for this comment 🙂

      • Andrew
        February 2, 2014 / 5:44 am

        And Touche’ “Guest”! 🙂

      • February 2, 2014 / 4:07 pm

        Agree ^ not all those who wander are lost.

        • Toni jo
          February 4, 2014 / 9:09 pm

          My oldest daughter is called the family Gypsy!She has traveled since she was in high school! My youngest won’t leave home for a week. Both work & are still in school getting their masters, the oldest has gone to school in 3 countries, done mission work, lived off bread & worked 3 jobs to survive. I am not rich! My care packets when I can get one to her are filled with soaps I make & jello! I am so proud of both girls & love to read the supportive blurbs here, but wish those that don’t understand the need wouldn’t be so negative!I miss my girl, but as long as she is happy, I am happy! I’m a Mother! I would not be a good Mother if I tried to clip her wings! And yes, I think she is the smartest person I know, and can speak several languages, and has friends from every walk of life! She is loved by all who know her!

          • flyingfox
            February 7, 2014 / 6:08 pm

            I actually think that your daughter is extremely lucky to have a great Mother like you!

            You obviously love your “family Gypsy” daughter. You are proud of her, her achievements, and are concerned about her happiness. At least from my experience, just the getting a care package from home means a lot, regardless of the content (and really, something hand-made by you??!! How much better could that possibly be??!!) I got comforted just by seeing my name and address in my Mom’s hand writing when I was in random foreign places.

            I also believe that you gave her a good foundation by raising her to be an curious, open-minded individual. I am sure you helped her to be open to the beauty of the world by your attitudes and comments you’ve made along the way. And you helped her to become a goal-focused, determined, independent, strong woman.

            Being lucky re. parents is a lot more than just how “rich” you are re. the amount of money you have in your bank account. You are obviously super-rich re. the amount of love you have for your children.

            Obviously I don’t mean to be negative here. And yes, I am another super-lucky daughter!

          • Guest
            March 30, 2014 / 11:14 pm

            I just wanted to say that it’s so awesome how supportive you are about your travelling daughter. I wish my mother was more supportive! Every time I leave she tries to stop me from going, but I can’t. I work hard, I go to university full time and work as much as I can. I don’t spend any money because every penny after bills goes to my travelling fund. I don’t receive money from anyone, it all comes out of my own pocket. Travelling is a part of me and it’s something I wish people in my life were more supportive of.

          • Joanna
            January 25, 2015 / 11:16 pm

            Toni Jo,

            You are a wonderful mom. I have always been a traveller, but only started really travelling when I was 35. And I just can’t stop. I am so happy to read about how much you support both your daughters. It’s refreshing that you don’t push your values onto your daughter, and you just let her be who she needs to be.

            High five!! 🙂

      • Donna
        February 3, 2014 / 2:39 pm

        I am a traveler myself but to say it’s as simple (and it’s not simple really) as being financially independent is false. I know people who would very much love to travel but are bogged down by other factors in their life such as family responsibilities/complications that don’t allow them to do so.

        I think it’s important for travelers to acknowledge that they are lucky and they in fact have a freedom that not everyone has.

        • Lex
          February 3, 2014 / 5:31 pm

          Travel is not “lucky”. It is a conscious choice that takes dedication and hard work. There are so many people out there who say they want so badly to travel, but then they turn around and spend their money on other things instead. Travelers make the choice to travel and save their money for that, rather than settling down or starting a family or buying a new car, or whatever.

          • Azar
            February 3, 2014 / 7:04 pm

            I TOTALLY AGREE w that. That is soo true

          • Shaja
            February 4, 2014 / 9:37 am

            It is, however, luck not to have sick family members to take care of; it is usually owing to chance/luck that the traveler is a citizen of a country that’s not under a repressive visa regime. When you’ve traveled with a passport from an ‘undesirable’ country, or had to leave your travels indefinitely to help support your family, you get to appreciate how lucky it was, planning and commitment notwithstanding.

            I very much like this article and, given two people in equally opportune situations, the one who chooses to travel is likely making the tougher choice. But there is luck to it, as well.

          • Viennah
            February 5, 2014 / 12:07 am

            “Travel is not ‘lucky'”. That has got to be the most narrow-minded comment I’ve ever read from a fellow traveler… where have you been??? Ever notice how *most* of your hostel buddies and pretty much every tourist you’ll find is upper-middle class. white, and from a developed country?

            Travel is lucky. If you are on the internet right now, you’re lucky. If you can read this comment, you’re lucky. If you’ve ever been on a plane to anywhere, you’re damn lucky.

            And if you’re an upper middle class white dude with a Canadian passport, the world is yours.

            I’ll agree, most of my friends who don’t travel complain it’s too expensive, but spend way more than I do on my trips just on drinking, iphones, clothes, etc. But anyone who can make that decision, is already lucky.

          • Me
            February 6, 2014 / 7:26 am

            Not true if you have rent and bills to pay how are you meant to travel. You would go travelling and come home to livingn on the streets. It’s ok if your living with your parents but I don’t have that choice. It’s either private rent or sleep on the street. Sucks.

          • Globetrotter5K
            February 6, 2014 / 7:43 pm

            I agree; well said!

          • flyingfox
            February 7, 2014 / 4:15 pm

            I think it is both, actually… takes both luck and determination.

            I fully acknowledge that I have been able to travel as much as I do because of my country of origin that provides a passport that is reasonably “strong”, the education I got (as you can see from the fact that I was able to read the article and type out a response in English, which is an extremely useful language to know, and I do know a few other languages,) and the family vacations my parents took me to as a child, which made me curious and open-minded about other cultures. They encouraged me to learn foreign languages, and experience different ways of life. As an adult, I realize that it is not always the case. Incidentally, I am not a Caucasian, if it really matters to anyone in this day and age. I also met many fellow non-Caucasian friends during my trips/ stays in Hostels.

            It also takes determination and conscious choice as well, however. Some of my friends “cannot” travel for financial reasons, because they had children when they were young. I didn’t. Someone mentioned family obligation including sick family members. Even if you don’t go that extreme, in many families, pay checks need to be given to the family to provide for the younger siblings.

            I make different financial choice from my non-traveling friends because of my priorities. I don’t have a fancy wardrobe, brand-name stuff, or a car (pretty rare here in the U.S. And this, again, is a combination of luck and choice… Luck, because I live in a large city where public transportation is available. My husband walks to work while I take a train. But choice as well, because, well, that is a priority for us. We chose to live in a tiny condo in a big city rather than a McMansion in suburb. But it is also luck because we could at least afford a condo in a big city.)

            My point is- it takes many factors to be a “traveler.” Luck, determination, wanderlust, and so on… What is the point of arguing anyway re. one or the other? It is a lot more fun to share travel stories!

          • guest
            February 26, 2014 / 12:44 pm

            It’s not all about the money, that’s stupid. I know plenty of people who would love to travel as well, but their jobs don’t allow them to randomly take a week off of work every other month to leave the country. Finding a job is hard enough, finding one that allows such freedom is another story. Also, not every passion for a career lines up with traveling, nor does it even line up with having a family sometimes. It would be nice if most jobs benefited from their employees traveling around the world to represent their company, but the truth is most of the time they just want you sitting at your desk getting your work done before a deadline. Everything in life is a give or take, some situations and careers and jobs and interests can’t always align – but not just because people are spending their money on other stuff instead of plane tickets

    • February 1, 2014 / 9:01 pm

      Or she stops every few cities to replenish her funds through freelance work, cuts expenses in ways that many people couldn’t possibly imagine, becomes a minimalist, and she resorts to living on fresh fruit from open markets for days on end (for which she haggles, of course).

    • Mespin
      February 1, 2014 / 9:29 pm

      Or they work ridiculious hours, maintain two jobs and school so they can simply run wild for two months of the year.

      They are unbelievably determined and don’t know the impossible.

      • rachel
        February 2, 2014 / 12:30 am


    • annica2
      February 2, 2014 / 1:30 am

      Like my wife who saved her tip money as a waitress to travel India.

      Common fallacy.

    • Andrew
      February 2, 2014 / 5:43 am

      Un-called for Grant!

    • February 3, 2014 / 6:30 am

      Or they worked very hard for a long time (10+ years as a professional with a Masters degree) and decided to take what they had saved to get experiences through travel rather than spending on material things. Like I am doing. Not all travellers are bums, ask around 🙂

    • QueenV
      February 3, 2014 / 11:26 pm

      Please, I am a poor student who scrimped and saved! I went to amazing places, I don’t have “rich” parents giving me anything, I give MYSELF my own travel and experiences.

      Go look outside of your own backyard.

    • lau xiu
      February 11, 2014 / 7:05 am

      agree that

    • Roberta
      April 29, 2015 / 7:16 am

      I don’t have rich parents and actually I don’t have a dad, I always worked for the trips and adventures I got and currently I’m still working travelling

  4. Jessica
    January 30, 2014 / 12:13 pm

    Whoa…. I think you REALLY missed the point of the original article!

    It was celebrating all of the amazing things about women who travel, and warning someone who wants a mediocre, boring life to stay away from them. I suggest re-reading it with this in mind. 🙂

    • sridhalgh
      January 30, 2014 / 6:51 pm

      I appreciate your comment Jessica, but I doubt anyone in life has a desire for a mediocre life. I too was celebrating all the amazing things about women who travel and how they can be shared with those that don’t.

    • Kristi
      January 30, 2014 / 11:42 pm

      I’m with Jessica. The blogger totally missed the tongue-in-cheek of the article. Like attracts like. I travel. So does my husband. That’s why we date.

    • Smurf
      February 1, 2014 / 11:35 am

      until you read the corresponding article “date a man who travels
      ” which describes how amazing he is in all the same ways, but done hire in a guy that means date him, Abe in a woman means don’t.

    • stephabroad
      January 31, 2014 / 12:55 pm

      Thanks Liam

  5. Tara
    January 30, 2014 / 6:19 pm

    This is cute, but the writer totally missed the point of the original piece “don’t date a girl who travels”. The original article wasn’t trying to convince those to not date a girl who travels based on given reasons. Its a satire, its meant to use the writing style of “don’t” to strengthen the idea that you SHOULD date a girl who travels. If the writer was actually trying to show the negativity of dating a girl who travels, they wouldn’t have use examples to paint a beautiful picture of a traveling woman. Readers who think the article was tearing down girls who travel really need to re-read the article and read it with the notion that its humorous and sarcastic.

    • Sarah
      January 31, 2014 / 12:50 am

      The author missed the point that the first article was satire?! The third sentence of THIS article clearly shows that she does when she states ‘i understand that her article is satirical’ and then explains her reasoning for creating it. Both articles are great!

      • stephabroad
        January 31, 2014 / 12:57 am

        Thanks Sarah :). I actually thought the other article was a good read too, this was simply my take on it

        • February 2, 2014 / 2:54 pm

          Aside from similar names, I share Sarah’s point of view. Both articles are great. The first article is not a critic, merely a warning to boring and materialistic guys to stay away from us traveling girls … It is not at all saying traveling girls are bad to date, just a bit more challenging, which is true. Dinner and a movie more than once a month … And I am out!
          And as much as the second article is a different outlook, it is saying the same thing. Traveling girls are loads of fun to date … Which is totally true. The only thing I regret about the second article is that I didn’t think about it first 🙂 great job Steph!

      • Sarah
        January 31, 2014 / 3:40 am

        Totally agree, both are great articles if you understand how they were meant 🙂 either way GO GIRLS WHO TRAVEL 🙂

    • An Author
      January 31, 2014 / 7:40 am

      This. What Tara said.

    • stephabroad
      January 31, 2014 / 1:04 pm

      Thanks for your comment Tara, and I totally value it. I actually really enjoyed Adi’s article and could appreciate the satire behind it. And I do like the use of “don’t” to strengthen the idea of something.
      I was just showing the other side of the cards. It wasn’t to disregard her article. It was my way of replying instead of writing a comment on her blog. It was also written with Rosemarie Urquico’s “Date a girl who reads”. Thanks for reading

  6. January 30, 2014 / 8:17 pm

    Spot on & thank you! Being a girl who travels, I appreciate every bit of this. Having grown up a traveler, I constantly see the differences in myself compared to others (girls) who have not traveled. Traveling makes you more aware of the world, it educates and teaches tolerance. It also forces you to become a problem solver, independent, and to be more confident in yourself! Skills every woman should have!

    If you were to ask my now husband, he would agree that every one of these “girl-traveling traits” are exactly what he likes about me. In fact, he has come to love travel through me and we now travel together (and started a travel blog to expand upon our endeavors together).

    Fact is, every guy should WANT to date a girl who travels.

    – Liz

  7. Rachel Skrod
    January 30, 2014 / 9:00 pm

    While the other article was a little specific to her feelings – I think you are missing the point entirely. It was a special writing tone/style and meant in a bit of a sarcastic way. It was not a negative article at all about girls who travel, albeit a bit specfic / generalized in terms of what she would and would not like. She’s a traveler and is telling men that….should you dare, date one, because they are amazing! 🙂

  8. January 31, 2014 / 12:11 am

    Beautifully written but I agree, the “Don’t date a girl who travels” is to strength the argument to date a girl who travels.
    Very much like the article “Don’t date a girl who reads” which is also very good!
    Message being date a girl who reads

  9. Melissa
    January 31, 2014 / 2:56 am

    This is such a great piece of writing. I read the other one and thought it was me; but I like this version so much better. Great work!

    • stephabroad
      January 31, 2014 / 2:58 am

      Thanks Melissa. Glad you feel that way 🙂

  10. Ell
    January 31, 2014 / 3:59 am

    There is another original blog called ‘Date a Girl Who Travels’ which did the rounds a lot longer ago..


    • stephabroad
      January 31, 2014 / 4:34 am

      Thanks Ell..great to read..glad to see there are other people out there who feel the same 🙂

  11. Lesley
    January 31, 2014 / 4:12 am

    I’m not sure! I loved the original. I reckon anyone who took it in a negative fashion just didn’t resonate with it. Everything in the article is so hilariously true. The cuts, the burnt skin, the never checking in, forgetting about everyone when the surf is pumping…oh my gosh, it nailed each one! The point of the article was to take the fluff out of travelling, rid it of self righteous vanity and emphasise that women who travel aren’t dolls…and that their imperfections are actually something to celebrate! I agree with Tara on this one, the writing style is clever, using Dont as a means to emphasise do do and do!

  12. Grace
    January 31, 2014 / 5:07 am

    While this article defiantly holds some truth, I think it implies many things that are not. For me, example, I plan on spending years upon years in university, paying high tuition costs will leave me far beyond broke. I will probably never get out of that debt, as I plan on being an optometrist which runs at about 40-60 grand a year. This article implies that because right now I do not travel, I am very materialistic and I do not appreciate where I live. I own a single piece of jewellery, that I was given as a gift, as well as a single pair of pants. This is far more than enough for me. I want to be an optometrist because I believe that vision should be a right, and not a privilege. I want to provide optometry services at a discounted cost or free because no one should have to go blind, just because their bank accounts are empty. This article implies that anyone who does not travel is the extreme opposite of everything in this article.

    • stephabroad
      January 31, 2014 / 12:53 pm

      Grace, I think that its fantastic you are studying to be an optometrist and help people. The article was a comparison of travellers and non travellers. It was just a positive expression of how travel can impact someone. It could be written again and again for people in the Medical Industry like yourself, or people that work with children. It was just an observation of a type of person not saying one is better then the other. Hope you weren’t offended. Good luck with your studies.

    • Donna
      February 3, 2014 / 2:42 pm

      I agree with you. I love traveling but there are so many implications in this article and the previous one that actually frustrate me a lot.

  13. Brendan
    January 31, 2014 / 6:02 am

    The article “Don’t date a girl who travels” was written by a Filipino girl – I saw references to locations and a venue in Manila – Not surprising really, coming from a Filo girl.

  14. January 31, 2014 / 6:22 am

    This is amazing! I can relate 100%, I was smiling reading this the whole time. Great lifestyle to have, I wouldn’t want it any other way! Happy travels 🙂

  15. corrine
    January 31, 2014 / 6:44 am

    I love traveling too. I work on cruise ships and its so wonderful to experience cultures of the world. Also a comment that cought my eye about rich parents, some of us have actually worked very hard ourslvs to be able this. It’s not always the parents. But it was great reading this aticle and it made me exited from the start to go out and experience the world and the people of the world. It’s something no one can ever take away from you. Cherish every moment.

  16. An Author
    January 31, 2014 / 7:38 am

    Terrible. It’s sad that young (I’m assuming, alas, hoping you’re young) writers pen pieces like this. Stop trying to be a ‘click journalist’ and start writing well. Though, before you do that, understand the purpose and benefits of satire. It truly is a magical thing.

    • stephabroad
      January 31, 2014 / 1:17 pm

      Sorry you felt that way. As I have mentioned I do understand the satire and believe it not enjoyed reading Adi’s version. This was not a response to say I am right, she is wrong. It was merely another way to look at it and more specifically following the style of Rosemarie Urquico’s “Date a girl who reads”, which is where all the inspiration came from in the first place.

      • jaz
        February 1, 2014 / 7:47 am

        yeah Steph, not sure why everyone is saying how much you missed the point. you pointed out right in the beginning that “I understand her article is satirical”. ugh. A more genuine (rather than satire) take of the article definitely helped the original author reach a more diverse audience. Good job!

    • Barney
      February 3, 2014 / 10:50 am

      Wow, you’re impressively condescending. Does it make you feel good, trying to dismantle other people’s work? I notice that she’s got 131 comments, which I would take to mean that at least 1000 people have read this. What, pray tell, are you the author of, exactly? And I think that if you actually read the article, the states that she knows the original article is satire.

      Christ, I hope you’re trolling. I just don’t want your friends and family to be around such an insufferable douchebag.

  17. An Author
    January 31, 2014 / 7:40 am

    Wait, one last thing. No photo credit? That photo set is quite famous. To refuse photo credit is so wrong.

    • stephabroad
      January 31, 2014 / 1:12 pm

      I totally agree!…I did have photo credit when I uploaded but the featured image doesn’t show it. I have fixed it now. Thank you for pointing it out

      • Sally
        February 4, 2014 / 3:37 am

        Stephabroad, I love the way you respond with a positive answer to each negative comment, keeping the thread upbeat and classy!

    • stephabroad
      January 31, 2014 / 12:49 pm

      Thanks for sharing Mariet 🙂

  18. Kristen Taylor
    January 31, 2014 / 9:47 am

    I love this article!!! I agree with every word. Travel makes me a better person… I don’t want to ever be a person that doesn’t want to experience as many experiences as possible in the amazing world!!

  19. Jennifer
    January 31, 2014 / 10:15 am

    You’ve nailed us female travellers. Thank you. I love this article

  20. January 31, 2014 / 10:18 am

    Great article! As a girl who travels I prefer to see this as a good thing! <3

  21. January 31, 2014 / 12:24 pm

    Funny… The travelling girls I know are constantly chasing ‘something’…. The kind of something that they can’t ever describe… The travelling girls I know, choose travelling over real life… The travelling girls I know are never happy with the life they have… The travelling girls I know don’t commit to anything… The travelling girls I know are lost! I’m a fan of travelling and enjoying new cultures and experiences… but the ‘girl’ that is constantly desrcribed does not know her self and doesn’t spend the time trying to know herself… She escapes…

  22. Jon Marsh
    January 31, 2014 / 12:38 pm

    Don’t date a girl who travels because they don’t have the attention span to commit to anything and will most likely bail at the first sign of trouble.

  23. Ian
    January 31, 2014 / 1:49 pm

    This sounds like it was inspired from date a girl who travels more so than date a girl who reads. Right down to the opening talking about a face being tanned and freckled…

    I actually posted that as a response to a girl friend of mine who just posted this on FB. 🙂 Definitely better to have a positive spin!

    • stephabroad
      January 31, 2014 / 2:43 pm

      Someone else also sent me this. I actually hadn’t seen it but it is very similar…there are quite a few making the rounds at the moment that are all very similar. Maybe this is where “don’t date a girl who travels” inspiration came from!?

  24. Jen L
    January 31, 2014 / 2:57 pm

    Great article. I met my bf in a travel site. Oddly enough, I can relate to this girl. In fact I think women who travel are much more open. Women who travel are much more diverse, fun, outgoing, compassionate, hard working, and grateful. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Go women!!!! 😀

    • Miss_Whanau
      February 1, 2014 / 12:36 am

      You know you can still have those qualities and not be a traveller? I too am hard working, fun and diverse yet I travel rarely because of other commitments. Go women, for sure. But don’t kid yourself in thinking that only well travelled women are well rounded. We all have different priorities and experiences that enrich our lives.

      • Donna
        February 3, 2014 / 2:52 pm


  25. January 31, 2014 / 3:33 pm

    Great response. Really true and real points of interest.

    • stephabroad
      January 31, 2014 / 3:43 pm

      Thanks Lindsay 🙂

  26. vanessa
    January 31, 2014 / 3:40 pm

    I actually really enjoyed both articles. The points that the “don’t date” of the other article speaks to me the way my friends who don’t get the travelling thing speak to me, and the reaction the other author gives is my reaction to their questions.
    However I loved this one. My friends I have met on my travels are ones who I will have for life, as well as the people I met for just a couple of days- our paths may never cross again but some of them had a huge impact on me.
    I think some people just have it in their soul, to wander as far and wide as possible. I don’t think this means we are running, or chasing, or hiding or refusing to commit, or not having real life- what can be more real then exploring this wonderful world we have??
    For me it definitely just means that when I am an old lady I want memories and experiences that I will remember and pass on.
    As for dating, I have met guys who are hugely put off by my love for travel, and others who found it their favourite thing about me.
    Either way for a relationship to work, he would have to love the characteristics that make me brave, strong, carefree, happy and compassionate. and everyone of these both sparked and grows with travelling.
    You have hit the nail on the head Steph. Enjoy your wanders

    • stephabroad
      January 31, 2014 / 3:45 pm

      Thanks Vanessa, I agree I feel both ways are relatable in one way or another 🙂

  27. Antoine Loubiri
    January 31, 2014 / 3:41 pm

    Date Yes (it would be another experience), but Marry No.
    There is a very clear role play in a relationship!
    Even in gays, there is the male and the female part…. i don’t believe i have to explain the parts.
    And really, who wants his woman to tell him al the time the way out of trouble?? That would be so role reversing! Although some guys like it, most don’t.
    Expensive presents? that doesn’t depend on the “how much one travels”.
    Smart, Strong, Self sufficient, not Needy? be realistic, those are awesome qualities for a man!!
    My last and most important point is: Women have no idea what Really men want!!
    p.s. I am a ma and know a lot of man….

  28. January 31, 2014 / 3:42 pm

    This is an awesome read – you did a fantastic job. I absolutely loved it.. there were SO many valid points you highlighted.
    Happy travels to all of us independent and life-loving ladies 🙂

    • stephabroad
      January 31, 2014 / 3:45 pm

      Thanks Cindy

  29. January 31, 2014 / 4:48 pm

    Hi Steph,

    Great article. I read the original on Facebook… and was a bit miffed, as I am a traveler/road warrior that feels like dating me, would be a benefit not a curse.

    Thanks for bringing it into a more positive light!

  30. Jillian Storm
    January 31, 2014 / 5:09 pm

    I love this article. Its so well written and very true. I am a Flight Attendant and I travel a lot. Thank you for putting a positive on it. 🙂

    Great read. <3


  31. January 31, 2014 / 5:52 pm

    Great article! I actually wrote a male reply here: with an emphasis on the word date. Non-travelers constantly think that dating is the only way to getting to know a person while travelers like us understand that our lifestyle actually encourages us to seek for more meaningful and less traditional approaches. I would definitely take a trek at Uganda over a cliched movie and dinner.

  32. January 31, 2014 / 5:58 pm

    Wonderful article, just shared with my Facebook followers as I think this suits them perfectly! Thank you for sharing!

  33. Ange
    January 31, 2014 / 6:16 pm

    I’m working on an article called ‘Date a person who travels. Or don’t. Totally your call.’

  34. January 31, 2014 / 6:37 pm

    I absolutely love this!! It feels like you are describing me, and every other female traveler I know, down to a tee!! I am sharing this with everyone I know, because it’s all true. In spite of the constant on-the-go lifestyle, the rewards of dating a girl (or guy) who travels far outweighs the negatives! 🙂

  35. Paul
    January 31, 2014 / 6:50 pm

    Great article Steph,

    The only challenge here to dating a girl that travels is I need to be out there travelling myself (which I love by the way). I’ll take the positive approach here and say it inspires to keep travelling and increase those chances to meet these “Travelling Girl’s” lol.

    Well said by the way.

  36. Freddie Quell
    January 31, 2014 / 7:01 pm

    Can’t believe nobody detects the sarcasm in “the other article”. It is pro girls who travel!

    • Jess
      January 31, 2014 / 9:22 pm

      Freddie, of course we get the sarcasm in the article, but the writer of the original article lacked sophistication in her examples…instead she came across pretentious and obnoxious!

      This blogger at least showed the qualities that travelers gains.

      I liked both articles but there is a time and place to be ironic and the original article was just off the mark

  37. January 31, 2014 / 8:20 pm

    So nicely done. I read the other article and I was irritated to no end – you got it right on the mark and exactly what I would have written myself! Great Job!! In fact, Im sharing this wonderful story on my page. THANK YOU!!

    • stephabroad
      January 31, 2014 / 9:14 pm

      Thanks Kate

  38. January 31, 2014 / 8:23 pm

    Amazing post. But what about dating a girl while you’re abroad? I’ve got my eyes on this great girl from the Netherlands- we’re hitting it off, but after these 5 months are over and we go our separate ways, what then?

    • stephabroad
      January 31, 2014 / 9:14 pm

      Thanks Geronimo, stay tuned, maybe that will be my next article 🙂

  39. Rocio Ferrer
    January 31, 2014 / 9:12 pm

    I am a girl who travels! I used to travel all around the world, most of the time by myself. In my country this is not very common, specially not 15 years ago when I started doing it! I enjoyed every single one of my trips, met new people, learned from them and tried to leave something as well. I would go back to all of those places, but I prefer to look forward and continue expanding my knowledge. Traveling makes you free! It opens the world to infinite possibilities! I strongly recommend to do it! Now I’m 31, I’m having a baby, but that doesn’t make me feel I need to stop. It makes me want more! It makes me want to show my son/daughter (don’t know whats gonna be yet!) all what I’ve seen and more! There is a wonderful world out there! And those who can’t understand a girl who travels, it’s probably because they fear that a woman can be better than them and need so little to be happy! Their short minds don’t let them appreciate meaningful things in life.

  40. Sarah
    January 31, 2014 / 9:39 pm

    Thanks. I thought the other article presented a very bad image of the travelling girl= as fickle, restless, impossible to please and not capable of maintaining sustainable relationships.
    This is more true: as someone who’s actually much easier to please, and much more thankful for everything life has to offer.

    • stephabroad
      January 31, 2014 / 9:47 pm

      Thanks Sarah

  41. January 31, 2014 / 10:17 pm

    In 6th grade, during my Ancient Civilizations class, I decided that no matter what profession I chose in life, I wanted to travel and see the world. I had never left the state of California (which irked me), and I made it a goal to go to Europe while I was in college. This was one goal which fueled my desire to earn a scholarship to college, and I did earn one, a full scholarship, in fact. So while my friends were working jobs to pay for their tuition, I worked to pay for my travel fund, and five days after my twenty-first birthday, I took a plane to London and backpacked all over Europe for a month. It was the best $5000 I have ever spent…I dined on boxes of strawberries and glasses of wine, paraglided in the Alps, took a gondola in Venice, and watched the sunset in Paris at the top of the Eiffel Tower. And I felt richer than a queen. Those memories, and the memories of subsequent trips back to Europe, the Caribbean, Bahamas, and Costa Rica, are my greatest riches. Oh and the part about us being some of the hardest working people is true. I work full time as a teacher and tutor at night. I earned a Master’s degree at 23 and put my husband through school. So yeah…date a girl who travels 😉

  42. Patrick
    January 31, 2014 / 10:30 pm

    This is my girlfriend…thanks for the description If I quote some of these things im sure it will make her happy 😀

  43. Lana
    January 31, 2014 / 10:33 pm

    Both articles are great! Sounds stupid, but if the font was the same size and style as the other article it would be a nicer read too. At first I thought the other article was written better but looking at them both again, the other one is just layer out better.
    Well done!

    • a
      February 3, 2014 / 11:51 pm

      The font made you think the other was a better article. Did you realise that those letters combined mean things or were you looking at the text as a graphic?

  44. January 31, 2014 / 10:59 pm

    Hey Steph! My friend showed me your post this morning and it was the best start to my day! I have a massive case of wanderlust and this totally reinforced it, haha. I can totally relate to the 2-3 jobs part. Cheers to girls who travel!

  45. Chris Hatcher
    February 1, 2014 / 12:08 am

    If only you knew what you’re talking about…

    I don’t at all disagree with the premise that men should want girls who travel, and I am part of that contingent. But I have met far too many girls/women who have traveled and yet are among the most superficial, materialistic, lazy and unsupportive people I’ve ever met.

    So as long as we’re making sweeping generalizations, I thought that should at least be a part of the discussion.

  46. February 1, 2014 / 12:15 am

    I like the sentiments of the character traits in both articles, but I have a niggly uneasy feeling about the phrase ‘Don’t (or do) date a girl who…’ I usually get told that i read too much into these things, but…the guy (or indeed the other girl) doesn’t get to choose who he/she dates!!

  47. geoff terry
    February 1, 2014 / 12:44 am

    A rather clichéd if not poignant summary of time spent abroad using Daddy’s money to fund a piss-head lifestyle across the globe.

    How many times can she open the sentence with the same fucking question??…yes, we get the point.

    I guess the author is the authority on this voice/opinion as she herself may have participated in squandering her family’s inheritance in far fetched corners of the globe.

    your piece was mildly entertaining but the facts don’t add up and parts of it sounded worse than drivel.

    • dreamvoyageur
      February 2, 2014 / 3:03 pm

      Repeating her topic as the opening to each paragraph is a literary device.

  48. February 1, 2014 / 2:18 am

    Date a girl who travels. She’ll be too busy asking for the Wifi password to even notice you.

  49. tenorryan
    February 1, 2014 / 3:04 am

    At the end of the day, do I want to have dinner with the author? Hell Yeah! Can the author of the first article attend as well? I would hope so. We’re all adults here (except that one dude in the comments)

    As a traveler myself, I have oppinions regarding travel. It is done well, or observed from a distance when not come to fruition.

    I think you will make good friends. You are saying the same thing.

    Could you and Rivera get together for a joint post?
    Like an “odd couple” thing.

    Thanks for the article, nice points, but I feel you are the miracle whip THE WORLDS Mayonnaise.

  50. February 1, 2014 / 3:56 am

    I get that you travel, yes, it’s a good thing. It makes you neither a good nor bad person. I enjoy some of your sentiments about it making you a better person but I wrote my response to all these posts. 🙂

    I don’t intend it to be a slight on your post as I’m a fellow ‘traveller’.

  51. February 1, 2014 / 5:00 am

    Wow. My man showed me this post this morning said it’s me and I read it….so me in every line! I was actually kind of upset with the don’t date a girl that travels I wanted to say so many things that were good and here it is..she said it all and so perfectly too! Rock on travel the world! Thee are too many precise hidden treasures that only a traveler will see…if u find a girl that travels….follow her you won’t regret it. My man is also a traveler and it’s just meant to be that we met in the world and been traveling together since. Be adventurous and freestyle…nothing ever goes wrong when you freestyle ^____^

  52. tommy connell junior
    February 1, 2014 / 5:26 am

    Ive travelled for 20 years on land and water , have met many beauties , but still havent found the right one to travel with for the rest of our lives , i know she is out there ….. great story , any more …..tommy

  53. February 1, 2014 / 6:57 am

    Great response Steph.
    I am the girl who travels so can fully work out where you are coming from. I found myself giggling in agreement at many parts.
    I now date the man who travels and we now eat the bad street food together 😉
    Travel is a great education and long may it continue.
    Thanks for sharing

  54. Jasmine
    February 1, 2014 / 9:27 am

    Obviously a bad breakup

  55. Wilco
    February 1, 2014 / 10:32 am

    Traveling is not about seeing new places but about seeing with new eyes.

    From a guys perspective. It is really attractive if someone is independent and inspires you (same holds for girls by the way ). As explained in this video:…/esther_perel_the_secret_to_desire…

    However, if someone is always on the move, never makes time for you, is always sharing time with girlfriends, or is always on the move, it is too hard to build up a connection. But on the other hand it lets your heart beat because she is difficult to reach.

    Still, ——–my alarm bells go off—————–.

    Because it means she is looking for emotional stimulation. And SHE DOES NOT GET IT FROM YOU. In other words: she is not attracted enough to you.

    It might help if she gets her emotional satisfaction from her job or daily life. Or know where to look, that is, appreciate what makes her different. Another reason might be that she has difficulties to be vulenarable. But this is all just guessing. Bottom line is: she is not -enough- into you.

    In short, it is all about balance–> connection and inspiring each other.


  56. Beck
    February 1, 2014 / 10:41 am

    I loved reading both blogs about dating girls who travel. I have travelled and I love the freedom. It opened my mind to new experiences and cultures. I worked to fund my trips, including working abroad. These new work opportunities also helped to shape who I have become. I understand that backpacking isn’t for everyone, but it is definitely for me. I am now settling into a new career (something that travelling helped me to have the courage to bring about) and I approach life with a totally different attitude. I hope that, regardless of what approach people take, they are able to find the things in life that make them happy.

  57. iLLz
    February 1, 2014 / 11:04 am

    ‘Girl who travels’ will be much sexier if she gets a job and ambition

    • Mr
      December 23, 2015 / 8:31 am


  58. sean
    February 1, 2014 / 12:56 pm

    Yep she missed da point of the other article.. but either way this is also great… i travel four times a year and cud never date someone who hasnt. Our minds are to big for them..

  59. February 1, 2014 / 12:59 pm

    Travel is commonplace, I can not be with girls who travel a lot, it happens that the fact that travel is mistaken for a credit and a rise above mediocrity without creating anything new, bores me a bit the experience of others. No, I do not approve the “collectors of experiences,” ranging anywhere except somewhere.

  60. February 1, 2014 / 1:01 pm

    Great response!

    I agree all of these characteristics I treasure and am proud to possess! Girls that travel have the best stories and a refreshing outlook on life!

  61. Tamay
    February 1, 2014 / 1:47 pm

    So, when can we date?

    nice article.

  62. February 1, 2014 / 3:18 pm

    Great Article! I’ve been traveling over 20 years and 50 Countries. It has taught me to live and think outside the box. To have an open mind and heart to the world and every person that walks this great planet we live on, i am truly blessed. Jane the gypsy in the silver tube in Sky.

  63. February 1, 2014 / 5:09 pm

    Absolutely, these girls rock my world. Makes me want to wrap my bindle and get lost in her eyes.

  64. February 1, 2014 / 5:50 pm

    I loved both articles. They really are encouraging you to date a girl who travels. Being a girl who travels, and who has all her life, I appreciate them both, and truth is, I date guys who are kindred spirits, they are the only ones who truly understand me.

  65. Marilyn
    February 1, 2014 / 6:22 pm

    I am a girl who travels….and I am exactly like the article says, I love it. Thanks

  66. erm
    February 1, 2014 / 6:53 pm

    Well.. I know it wasn’t the intention but you kind of imply that only white girls travel and exhibit these qualities. I guess some Asian girls get sun-kissed and freckled too but this kind of stuck out at me.

    • stephabroad
      February 1, 2014 / 6:57 pm

      I definitely was not being ethnic specific. I only mentioned freckles because I have a face full of them and every time I come home from somewhere I seem to have more. Freckles don’t discriminate either

  67. Lindsey
    February 1, 2014 / 8:30 pm

    Jessica doesn’t get it. That’s her intro, that the original article is a satire. She is supporting that article in direct writing, describing pluses of dating travelers instead of only making us seem mysterious.

  68. February 2, 2014 / 2:03 am

    Really liked what you wrote. I’ve dated travelers and prefer them, so long as we can journey together…which ain’t always the case, or at least not so far.

  69. Mike
    February 2, 2014 / 4:04 am

    Fantastic article made me think of my daughter

  70. February 2, 2014 / 5:20 am

    I think you’ve made a very good case for us women with a pallet for exploration. I can relate very well to this article and I’m glad someone was able to articulate it well. Good for you.

  71. February 2, 2014 / 5:22 am

    This is the second article I’ve read today with this title, and I have to say I’m in your camp on this one! Although as a travelling girl who’s been single for longer than I care to remember, I may be a little biased! Boys, in the run up to valentine’s day, take note!!

  72. February 2, 2014 / 7:01 am

    Brilliantly written, I agree 100%! There is a HUGE difference between a girl who travels and one who doesn’t-clearly visible in the 105+ positive/negative comments received on this post alone! WOW! I travel often and meet some amazing women, the free-spirited kind, the risk takers, the spontaneous kind, witty…people you just don’t meet in the 9-5 world! It’s as simple as that! stephabroad, thanks so much for this post 🙂 you rock!

  73. jo
    February 2, 2014 / 7:30 am

    This article touched my heart. It is so true and I relate to every part of it. I am saving it so I can share eith others that dont relate to my way of life

  74. February 2, 2014 / 8:29 am

    Thank you for your inspiration sister!
    I’m living the same lifestyle as you. If you ever feel to be inspired from the magical lands of India, have a look on:

    “Do not follow where the path may lead, instead go where there is no path and leave a trail…”

  75. Phoebe
    February 2, 2014 / 2:48 pm

    I LOVE this and couldn’t agree more!

  76. Kevin
    February 2, 2014 / 6:26 pm

    Hi Steph. First let me say, great article. I enjoyed reading it and I believe I understand your point in writing it. At face value the title and the article itself seem to say that women who ‘travel’ are worth dating (although in a comment you say “It was just a positive expression of how travel can impact someone.” You also mention this in your prelude. If this is the case you may want to revisit the main article and make this clearer). I would like to add a bit to this, as I think there may be a better approach than to break you ladies into two groups (those that travel and those that don’t). Traveling to me is only one of many ways to express the same personality trait, namely ‘a desire to explore’. It can manifest itself in many different ways. Traveling and seeing the world is of course one way. Other ways, that I think get less attention, include entrepreneurship and parenthood. They are far less sexy, and don’t look as good in a selfie, but my best guess is they are equally challenging and exalting. I have done my own fair share of traveling. I have spent many months backpacking in South America, Europe and Asia (I was born in California and now live in Hong Kong). Something that grew increasingly apparent to me was that the ‘law of diminishing returns’ was taking its toll on the value of my travels. I am a very curious and thoughtful person by nature, but even I couldn’t help but feel that I was experiencing and learning less and less with each new place I visited or new person I met. I suppose I am looking for a partner who understands this too. She isn’t interested in travel for travel’s sake, but because it is an uplifting and liberating experience. And when she has sucked the marrow from her travels, she is ready to move on and face her next big challenge.

    • KR1434
      February 9, 2014 / 4:47 am

      I like this response.:)
      You are very open-minded and I agree that every girl thrives to explore in her own way. I personally am a teacher and a mother of two AMAZING little boys. I am on an adventure every single day and love every bit of it. I am extremely motivated to wake up every morning to explore the minds of my children and students. I love my life and would never give it up for the world… literally!
      I am not saying in any way that this makes me better than a woman, in which has the same charisma, but for traveling, instead. I actually find it very interesting (hence why I am replying on this website)! And I too enjoyed the article(s).

  77. Lars
    February 2, 2014 / 6:52 pm

    I love travelling, and I love girls who love travelling. What I don’t like is the smug sense of superiority conveyed in these articles, as if all women who don’t like travelling are boring and materialistic “Nine-to-five” people.

    Don’t judge people because they’re different. On the other hand all the things you describe about girls who travel is usually correct in my experience 😉

  78. Jane
    February 2, 2014 / 7:38 pm

    I enjoyed this very much and it led me to think I could write an article called, “Emulate a Family who Travels”. From the time our son was about two, we spent all our money on summer travels abroad. Since we were schoolteachers, that meant a big commitment. Finally we figured out if we taught in Europe we could do a lot better. And we did. For over ten years we worked where every long weekend led to someplace new. Our stay at home friends claimed to admire our choice, but I think they thought we were crazy, and that was fine. They remain some of our best years as a family, and our son, now middle aged, thinks his childhood was ideal for him- a traveler too.

  79. Rafaella
    February 2, 2014 / 8:36 pm

    Your article is awesome!! Reading your article I could relate you life style and opinion to a news app Tysdo. ! You should try it

  80. Thomas
    February 2, 2014 / 11:20 pm

    Loved reading this. It hits really close to home. But, I’d have to go one step further and say MARRY a girl who travels. I did almost 24 years ago and never had a second of regret. It’s a life filled with adventure, excitement and new experiences. Even though I no longer travel much with my wife due to responsibilities at home I still get to travel vicariously through her stories and updates. I happily support her odysseys and while I miss her terribly while she is away I wholehearted welcome her home and cherish the details she shares with me.

  81. February 2, 2014 / 11:29 pm

    I loved your words, this traveling girl became a mother and still gets itchy feet but now it’s a family affair, the adventures continue 😉

  82. Alex
    February 2, 2014 / 11:38 pm

    Well I did date this type of girl. I had one of the best moments. Memories are everything I guess. Her story is those of a butterfly, beautiful in the moment, but then you gotta let her be herself… Don’t worry guys, enjoy and enrich your life with the things she tells you, teaches you. I learned a lot, therefore I’m grateful…

  83. nick lamport
    February 3, 2014 / 2:00 am

    Love the article, love travelling, love (most of) the women and men I meet on the journey. I read this and as a man I feel its so true of kindred spirits, gender doesnt matter, the world needs more travellers 🙂 (written from Maratua Island in the Indonesian archipelago, paradise found)

  84. Pedro Lepe
    February 3, 2014 / 9:34 am

    Great article!! this article describe perfectly the woman i’m dating … a traveler girl.

  85. February 3, 2014 / 10:50 am

    Fantastic! Really loved it 🙂

  86. Barney
    February 3, 2014 / 11:03 am

    Good read! I know a Girl Who Travels… she’s all of these things, and more. She’s delightful, fun, outgoing, pretty… however, I can’t help but feel that this particular girl has a deep seated insecurity… she sleeps around a lot. (Or maybe she’s just happy making herself happy? I’m a huge fan of looking out for number one, but I’d struggle with this side of her personality.) She’s interested in me, but as flighty as she is, do I risk the almost inevitable heartbreak?

    That said, the other Girls Who Travel that I’ve encountered in my adventures are just… amazing. Compassionate, smart, sexy, and positive. Jesus. I need to sit do- Oh. I am.

    I don’t know. Date someone who makes you happy.

  87. February 3, 2014 / 5:41 pm

    Thanks so much for this inspiring and great article!

  88. French
    February 3, 2014 / 6:09 pm

    Hi! I translated this for a friend so I thought I might as well send it to you in case you wanted to post in French ! 🙂

    Sortir avec une fille qui voyage

    Elle est de celle dont le soleil a embrassé la peau et des taches de rousseur légères. Un sentiment de bien-être rayonne autour d’elle, jumelé avec une peau saine et une étincelle dans les yeux.

    Sort avec une fille qui voyage. Elle est moins matérialiste. Elle ne raffole pas de possessions, mais plutôt des expériences précieuses. Les cadeaux coûteux ne sont pas nécessaires, donnez lui plutôt des photos, qu’elle peut avoir avec elle tout le temps. Elle rencontre ceux qui vivent avec moins, et sait reconnaître les petites fortunes de bonheur.

    Sort avec une fille qui voyage car chaque endroit sera chez elle. Elle apprécie son temps là-bas et savoure entendre parler de normalité, même si ce n’est pas long avant d’avoir la bougeotte. Elle est fière de sa ville natale car c’est une nouvelle ville pour quelqu’un d’autre à explorer.

    Sort avec une fille qui voyage. Elle est la travailleuse la plus endurcie. Elle aura très probablement 2 ou 3 emplois pour financer ses aventures. Sans parler d’une entrepreneuse tournant ses déplacements en une source de revenu. Elle est intelligente et sait que ces employeurs favorisent le voyage international chez les candidats.

    Sort avec une fille qui voyage car vous serez toujours agréablement surpris. Elle navigue les villes inconnues avec un grand sens de l’orientation, mais aussi bénéficie de la spontanéité de se perdre .

    Sort avec une fille qui voyage. Après de nombreux vols manqués, mauvais virages, retards , mauvaise nourriture de rue et les mauvaises toilettes à déposer de ladite nourriture, elle est facile à vivre et adaptable . Elle est préparée pour les bosses de la route littéralement et métaphoriquement. La vie lui mets des bâtons dans les roues mais elle les surmonte avec brio.

    Sort avec une fille qui voyage parce qu’elle est pleine de soutien et de compréhension. Elle est consciente que tu n’ais pas forcément aussi bien voyagé ou un aussi bon sens de l’orientation qu’elle, mais elle sera toujours agréable, prendra ce que la vie a à lui offrir et t’aidera à faire de même. En prime, elle acceptera le fait de ronfler ou de péter parce qu’elle a partagé une chambre d’auberge de jeunesse de 20 lits superposés .

    Sort avec une fille qui voyage car elle s’engage avec la société mondaine, l’apprentissage de l’histoire, la culture et les comportements des sociétés, qui est sûr d’impressionner tes parents. Elle a l’habitude de lier d’amitié avec des étrangers, en plein essor à la conversation. Elle sera toujours ouverte à rencontrer de nouvelles personnes et saura impressionner à tes engagements sociaux de travail.

    Sort avec une fille qui voyage. Elle est indépendante, intelligente et forte. Elle sera toujours auto-suffisante ; jamais dans le besoin. Elle connaît les avantages de bien budgéter et économiser de l’argent. Elle apprend les tenants et les aboutissants de la façon dont les gens vivent et a le genre de débrouillardise qui l’aide à repérer un type au regard louche avant même qu’il tente son escroquerie.

    La prochaine fois, vas avec elle !

  89. Richard
    February 3, 2014 / 7:09 pm

    I am sorry, but I agree with the previous article. I had a thing for foreign girls and dated a German and Swiss girl, and got burnt both times! I’m not exactly the biggest sucker around… but I now have a rule, no dating girls unless they truly reside or hold residency in the country I live in.

    Sure, if you want a fling, casual sex and excitement and can get away with not getting attached, or entangled, or you can follow them anywhere, then go for it.

  90. February 3, 2014 / 8:35 pm

    Well said! The other article rubbed me the wrong way but this one captured the essence of wanderlust, something that I have had and will have forever 🙂

  91. Fani
    February 4, 2014 / 9:59 am

    Well said! All the best from Greece!

  92. momobel88
    February 4, 2014 / 11:00 am

    Great article !!!

    You made me fall in love with the girl you’re describing lol ^^

  93. February 4, 2014 / 12:24 pm

    I had noticed the other article but did not read it. Then I saw your article… whose title was more attractive to me… I am a girl who travels, you see. Thank you for being so eloquent. To me, you have hit the nail on the head. And I will agree with you, travelling does bond people. I used to travel on my own till I got into a relationship. I did tell him from the beginning that travelling is one of my priorities. He hadn’t travelled much before. Our relationship has transformed over the years because of our travels together – life’s journey is not meant to be travelled alone 😉 Travelling has become an important part of our relationship, so much so we make decisions on our travel plans for the year at New Year’s.

  94. February 4, 2014 / 1:59 pm

    Fun Article! When I get the chance, I love to explore! I’ve not traveled extensively, but every destination has been a great adventure!!! This is one of my favorite things in life.

  95. ARI
    February 4, 2014 / 4:01 pm

    Totally agreed!! I love and feel totally identified with your article. Congrats!

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  97. Amanda Starr
    February 5, 2014 / 1:45 am

    I don’t usually leave comments…but I had to say…LOVED THIS POST!!! #iamthatgirl

  98. February 5, 2014 / 4:03 am

    Great article!! I’ve traveled since high school and people told me “do it while you’re young because once you have a family all that will have to stop!” Well now a husband and 2 children later I have my favorite travel buddies. Btw I met the husband while traveling! Last year we went to 5 countries, and one already for 2014. We are not rich but we make travel a priority, we often couchsurf, stay with host families or backpack across wherever we are going…. and it’s be best education for our kids. Check out our YouTube channel- EchosJourneys and our blog We teach people how to travel with kids and/or on a tight budget.

  99. February 5, 2014 / 11:38 am

    I love that post!

    I am that kind of girl 😉

    Totally agree!!!!

  100. Aman Anderson
    February 5, 2014 / 3:07 pm

    Sounds like an ambassador.

  101. February 5, 2014 / 5:37 pm

    Lady…you kind of described me. Though I travel for mostly work.
    This is such a nice response to that first article which defeated me in going past the first paragraph.

  102. February 5, 2014 / 7:42 pm

    LOVE both articles and I am a traveler 🙂

  103. February 5, 2014 / 9:26 pm

    Loved this article. Please get a twitter account @stephabroad!!

    • stephabroad
      February 6, 2014 / 2:14 pm

      Hi Kath, the link to my Twitter is just above in the author description as well as on the side of the page and top

  104. February 6, 2014 / 12:09 am

    I am a constant traveler. For work or for pleasure. I read your article before the other one and when I clicked to read it (“Don’t date a girl who travels”), couldn’t finish it because of the bullshit she talks about.
    I love your article and totally agree and feel identified by what you said. It is not only my opinion about myself, is what people always told me about my personality. And evrything is because of travelling and getting in touch with other cultures. so THANK YOU for writing this contra-article.


  105. Davo
    February 6, 2014 / 4:30 am

    I married the girl who loves to travel and we both travel together

  106. Ammo
    February 6, 2014 / 12:50 pm

    There needs to be a disclaimer!

    I think you should highlight the dangers to single women traveling to ‘less favorable’ countries.

  107. Laye Kong
    February 6, 2014 / 1:40 pm

    So far I travelled 27 countries still loving it, sadly I need to take a break from travelling soon as I need to save for other things. Just so much in the world to see.

  108. February 6, 2014 / 4:59 pm

    Hey Steph – Do you mind if I share your post on my blog? Will be sure to give all credit to

    Thanks girl! xo – S

    • stephabroad
      February 7, 2014 / 6:43 pm

      Oh course! Thanks

  109. February 6, 2014 / 6:45 pm

    Travel certainly broadens one’s horizons and those who embrace it often have more interesting stories. The article is great encouragement to openness in appreciating this wide wonderful world and those who seek to learn more of its secrets and beauty.

    Thanks for the insight…

    (I was relieved to realize that StephAbroad was not my niece who does not deserve to be called a broad.)

  110. Guest
    February 6, 2014 / 6:54 pm


    And I mean WOW.

    Is there such a need from the majority of those commenting to have your particular point of view (traveller or not) validated online?

    The article is nicely written, sure, but in the end you should date the person you like, and surely whatever labels come with that person will be accepted by you if the fit is right.

    The string of “Travel the world: open your mind” or “I sacrificed everything to travel” or “if you travel you must have rich parents” or “Travel is not lucky / Travel is lucky” are so enormously redundant that it is no wonder the western world is devolving emotionally into a quasi sadistic pursuit of individuality and continuous justification of said individuality.

    I’m turning this computer off, and talking to the first person I meet, with the timeless great opener “How was your day?” Whatever that person’s labels turn out to be, traveller or not, I’m sure if we are considerate to one another the experience will enrich us both.

  111. Stephanie
    February 6, 2014 / 9:25 pm

    Thanks so much for writing this! I can relate a lot more to this article than the previous one! People tend to be very judgmental towards travelers, especially female travelers. I used to think being a traveler would be an asset in my social and romantic life since it makes you so interesting but I came to realize that it actually turns many people off, travelers being perceived as unstable, eccentric people whereas I just see myself as someone more curious and maybe a little braver than the average 🙂 And I work really hard to pay for all this travelling!!
    I am happy this article is doing us justice!

  112. February 7, 2014 / 2:55 am

    Absolutely love this article!! I haven’t traveled all around the world, but I have lived abroad long enough to learn so much about myself. This article identifies with so much of who I am, plus all the amazing women I’m surrounded by living and travelling overseas! Great post! I’m a fashion entrepreneur at

  113. flyingfox
    February 7, 2014 / 5:07 pm

    What a great article! Another traveling girl here!

    Incidentally, I hope you will write an article re. “Become friends with girls who travel,” if you haven’t done so! I am surrounded by a great group of traveling women, both as friends as well as coworkers. The experience is fantastic, and totally inspiring.

    Here are some ideas…

    When I make comments about their cute jewelry or accessories, they almost always have interesting stories behind them. Whether they came from a souk in Morocco, flea market in Paris, or quaint little second-hand store in Tokyo… the value of the object is more in the memories behind them than the price tag. I get to counter with the stories of my own. So we get to compare stories of adventure, rather than “who has the most expensive, latest fashion must-have from [insert a popular brand-name of the moment] featured in whatever the magazine.” We all come out as the winner, because each of our stories are unique.

    Rather than gossiping about horrible bosses or other coworkers, we talk about interesting people, funny things, or curious customs we encountered during our traveling. Less negative energies, more fun and laughter, and mixed in with some learning opportunities!

    When we are in town together, we always try different restaurants, guided by someone who has been to the country for real. It is fun to try dishes that I might have shied away from otherwise!

    And of course we look at “our city” with the tourists’ eyes, looking for fun things to do, interesting places that we have never been to before, and just admire its beauty.

    In stead of getting Christmas cards from a local drugstore, I get cards that they picked up from random museums in various parts of the world. Of course I also send out holiday/ birthday cards that I picked up on trips, whether from the local artists of my travel destination or even an ad card I found at random places. Or “just because” postcards with exotic scenery and cool postage stamps shows up in my mailbox when I least expect it.

    Rather than commiserate on whatever is “wrong” with the world, we get to talk about how big and beautiful the world is, and there is so much to see. We inspire each other on next ravel plans and dream destinations.

    We all are strong, smart women. When life throws curve ball at us, we can count on each other as support and resources. Of course we can vent with each other, but then we start brainstorming, focusing on solutions and strategies, rather than throwing pity parties. When things are unsolvable or totally out of our control, we just say “Ah, well, this, too, shall pass!” and start focusing our energy on the next travel plan, if only to escape reality.

  114. February 7, 2014 / 9:25 pm

    Hi Steph!

    I am also a traveling gypsy Stephanie, but Canadian rather than Aussie (same thing tho right?;))

    Your article was great and I totally agree with everything you’ve said.
    I’ve been living abroad for 4 years now, traveling since I was 6 and I couldn’t have asked for a better life. I speak English, French, Thai and I’m going back to China to further my studies in Mandarin. I’ve been all over Europe, Asia and even Iceland. I’ve fallen in love with so many different people and places and this all wouldn’t have been able to be if I hadn’t just taken that initial leap of faith and bought my plane ticket and changed my life.
    We all get bogged down with responsibility but it’s about making what you have work. I got a tax return one year and I either had to pay first and last on a new apartment in Toronto or buy a plane ticket to Thailand. I’m assuming you know which I did. It wasn’t a lot of money but I made it work. I got a job out there and never looked back.
    Now being away from home of course, I do feel as if I am missing something. When everyone on my Facebook feed (when I had it) was posting photos of marriage and babies, I couldn’t help but to feel almost ashamed as I looked around my gorgeous one-bedroom apartment in downtown Bangkok because I wasn’t doing what everyone else was. I do feel as if I am missing out on love sometimes but this life I’ve chosen for myself is well worth it.

    As I say “I’ve traded in a stretched vagina for a thicker passport and an open mind.” Seems you’ve done the same. Lots of respect has to be given to those who choose to live a different life.

    Great job.

  115. February 12, 2014 / 4:39 am

    love the opening picture!
    I agree with the points made. I also agree with few of the comments made on here that being able to travel to any country you want is truly a blessing and a luxury which isn’t available to many people in a lot of countries.

  116. Gaby
    February 12, 2014 / 3:36 pm

    I read your article and it’s very interesting and optimistic about the positive side of traveling but it seems like the characteristics you describe apply only to girls who are travelers nevertheless I feel that without having had the opportunity to fly around the globe I hold many of the values pointed out: I do treasure experiences and the people in my life so I’m less materialistic, I do the best I can with what I have; I’m a really hardworking girl but I’ve had other priorities to invest my money on than traveling; sometimes I find myself being surprised at discovering new places or beautiful architecture I didn’t notice before in my home city; I try to always stay optimistic and work around any issues or unexpected bumps in the road; I love meeting people from other countries, learn about their culture & experiences; I’m independent, smart, strong… Both articles might be good for lots of reasons but I don’t think the pros or cons are inherent to whether you travel or not. I think it’s all about different life experiences, I do agree that traveling can open ones mind in many ways though… sorry if I rumbled too much, I don’t know if I made my point clear (English is not my native language).

  117. February 16, 2014 / 2:10 pm

    Love love loveeeee this post!

    Hope you don’t mind me sharing this post on my blog? All credit to you of course!

  118. February 20, 2014 / 11:23 am

    Hi Steph,

    Fabulous article and so glad you had the courage and insight to write a counter viewpoint. I enjoyed the other piece, but what really bothered me was the negative slant. Thank you for making an adventurous woman shine, and in fact many a woman, as there are lots out there who have not traveled but are making their own adventures.

    I’ve shared your article at Goddess Ventures:

    Thanks again and look forward to reading more of your blog.


  119. Anna
    February 21, 2014 / 6:55 pm

    I read the stupid “Dont date a girl who travels” which really annoyed me, so glad you wrote this. If people want to live a mundane, predictable and tedious life with no excitement then yes, don’t date a girl who travels but expect to meet a mundane and average girl. if you want that girl with a spark, a love for life and someone who makes you go “wow” DATE a girl who travels!!

  120. Brian
    February 25, 2014 / 9:24 pm

    Mahalo nui for taking this time and effort. I read the original “don’t date” article and didn’t assume satire, but was like, “these are all the reasons I do date women who travel.” 🙂

    So I shared it with some friends, and was surprised by a few who agreed more literally, and indeed avoid traveling gals. To each their own. Bottom line, if you can embrace presence and oneness in life, you too can enjoy the splendors that I do!

  121. March 9, 2014 / 9:30 pm

    It is yet another post I see in the answer for this article! I’m surprised so many people took it so seriously, I though the girl was sarcastic and ironic… but indeed all the boys should date Girls who travel, they are the best!!!!

  122. March 29, 2014 / 8:38 am

    Its like you read my mind! You appear to know a lot about this,
    like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that
    you can do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but
    other than that, this is excellent blog. An excellent read.

    I will definitely be back.

  123. April 8, 2014 / 11:35 am

    Awesome, article, awesome.
    Next year i’m starting my trip, hope to write something about it

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    Thank you, I have just been looking for info about this topic for a while and yours is the greatest I’ve found out so far.
    However, what in regards to the bottom line?
    Are you sure in regards to the source?

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    This design is steller! You certainly know how to keep a reader amused.
    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Wonderful job.
    I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!

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