Touchdown Comedown- Beating Holiday Blues

Beating Post Holiday Blues

There is always a comforting sentiment touching down in my hometown Sydney irrespective of being away 6 nights or 6 months.  Firstly the flight over the harbour is nothing short of amazing. Its like I am seeing it for the first time.

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Not to mention my own bed, that familiar clean washing smell and a home cooked meal by mum.

But lets be honest, post holiday blues are like the flu; rude and annoying and it’s not long (a day or 2) before I feel the urge to swap the tissues for a plane ticket somewhere.

I come home to happy friends and family, who of course fill me with warmth and love. But eventually the excitement dies down, friends go home and I am left with the reality that I am home yet my luggage is still stuck somewhere over the Atlantic ocean.

Double ouch!

One minute it’s French champagne or the water straight from a young coconut; whatever takes your fancy, the next it’s back to regular water.

Monday comes, reality sinks in and it’s back to work but of course I put on a façade for my jealous co-workers telling them stories about that French fling or 4 wheel driving with an Arabian Prince.

Then there are the bills, traffic and bosses; all the things I conveniently forgot while I was away.

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Not to mention arriving back just in time for winter.

It all sucks right…Wrong!

There are a few ways to soften the blow when returning from holidays apart from the obvious of booking another trip.

Unpack straight away.

Of course, not if your bags really are delayed. I usually come home with a ‘few’ pieces of clothing or something for my home. They will help to recreate a little bit of every destination sitting on the shelf or in the closet

Siesta like the Spanish

This would have only worked for me back when I started work at 4am. Be advised that if you do this during work hours you may be on a permanent holiday.


Eat like they do in your favorite country.

The French often eat cheese and baguette for breakfast or have a larger lunch with wine. Ok so maybe this isn’t such a good idea everyday, but you know what they say the French never get fat.


Catalogue your trips.

Make a photo book or video. When you see the finished product it will be a way to look back over the awesome experiences.

Look up.

You can spot a visitor a mile away by their eyes. They are the ones who are looking every which way to take in as much as they can. I know when I am at home I walk with headphones in, eyes straight ahead and beeline for the car. It’s remarkable when I look up and see buildings I’ve never seen before in my own city.

Learn a language.

I have a really cheap, in fact free way to learn a language. Join a library! Most libraries hold language discs that can be rented out for up to a month and then renewed again just in case it sat on the back seats for the first 2 weeks.

Go out on a weeknight.

Yes its incredibly easy to go home and slouch on the couch after a long day, I know I am guilty but I don’t mean a full-blown 3am kind of night. It doesn’t even have to be dinner maybe just a drink with some friends or a partner and try a different place each week.

And if that doesn’t work. Buy a scent?

Virgin Holidays have launched a range of room scents designed to keep the holiday high going for longer. No word yet as to whether scents such as Bangkok Garbage Delight, Ooh La La Doggy Doo Doo or Stavros Sweaty Yeeros have been approved.

So maybe we can’t have the intensity of travel in our day after day lives but I guess it’s the everyday life that makes travel so invigorating. As long as we don’t live for the holiday, sitting around for the next one to come. Just try to be the tourist in your own city every now and then.



  1. February 7, 2014 / 10:13 pm

    A lifelong holiday

    Unfortunately most of us do not have the luxury to be traveling every single day of our lives. There’s this little thing called money, that you supposedly make by doing this other thing called work, needed to do this amazing thing called EXPLORING THE WORLD. 😉

    For all of us who want to feel the thrill of traveling more than just 2 or 3 weeks a year: here’s an idea. Be a tourist in your own city or town! All you need to do is two things:
    1. Buy a couch (any type of mattress will also do)
    2. Invite random people into your home…. 🙂

    Say what?! Yes, that is exactly what Couchsurfing is all about!
    I can promise you that seeing your own town through the eyes of complete strangers can totally change your mind about your everyday life!! Seeing their excitement makes you appreciate it so much more. You’ll be travelling without having to go anywhere!

    You’ll meet the most amazing people from all around the world, whom you’ll get to visit the next time you really can’t shake the travel itch. And the best thing about all this? It’s FREE. Yes. Really. F-R-E-E.

    Yay for more holiday! Whenever, wherever. 🙂

  2. February 13, 2014 / 2:14 pm

    I start planning my next holiday as soon as I am back. It keeps from reminiscing about the amazing steak I hard in Argentina or the wonderful dim sum in Shangai or the most wonderful loukoumades in Cyprus – yes I love food! But basically putting my mind into my next destination is what works for me. So even though I have been to at least 10 countries this year, my sole focus is my upcoming trip to Alaska! Any tips from one traveling girl to another?
    One last tip: I try to have laundry done before leaving my vacation. Then coming home and unpacking doesn’t seem as bad.

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